Community Involvement – Philanthropic


Jamey Edgerton, Owner of Oxygène Landscape Design is a Board Member of Habitat for Humanity St Louis. He recently donated his time to design landscape and hardscape plans for two Habitat Homes. He also donated the cost of materials and his team’s time to implement the designs. They built retaining walls, planted trees, shrubs, grasses, and ground cover for both homes.  The homes both have steep slops in the front yard which posed a slight challenge for providing a low maintenance, perennial design that could withstand hard Midwest rains and not wash away – erosion control. Another element used was decorative boulders on the steep hill to had texture and help support the plants and grasses. The homeowners where wonderful to work with and it was an excellent experience for Jamey and his team.  During the process two volunteer Giant Sunflowers were found to be sprouting next to the steps. You can see them in the after pictures. They were secured with a stakes and given extra water. They continued to grow into huge, beautiful sunflowers.  The owners were shown how to harvest the flowers and gather seeds so they may plant sunflowers next season.