About The Studio

West Coast Designs For Mid-West Living
Oxygène is the culmination Contemporary Design, Photography, Modern Art, Functional and Experimental Landscape Designs. Our passion is to bring a West Coast Vibe, Energy and Style to our clients no matter where they may live. We approach each project from an artistic position providing site-specific designs to improve your outdoor living experience. We believe in the power and importance of Landscape-Individuality challenging normality. Beyond our design capabilities we are well positioned to construct and implement designs specific to the personality of your property, your home and your personal style.

Our approach is Deliberate, Artistic & Collaborative.

Creative Workflow. What is Our Process?

  • Create Design Draft A

    Review – Are we on the right path? Captured the correct vibe?

  • Create Design Draft B

    Review & Adjust if necessary.

  • Deliver Final Designs

    Includes Plant & Material Indexes .

Dream It

Design It

Build It